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INNOVATION - The act or process of introducing something new. 

With that in mind, PRW has continued the evolutionary process on our existing line of water pumps. PQ2™engineered pumps will flow 35 gallons per minute at 4,000 RPM, with minimal cavitation and proportionally increased flow rates at 5,000 RPM and above.


Equalized water flow distribution and pressure-balanced water passages minimize internal engine hot-spots making these pumps an excellent alternative for not only racers, but also trucks, towing, and motorhome applications.  Cruisers and hot rodders will appreciate the improved cooling at low speeds and the polished aluminum water pump bodies.


• Steel hubs and heavy duty shielded-seal roller ball bearings

• Pressure injected and cast aluminum alloy pump bodies

• Back plate “O” ring sealed for racing applications

• Reliable cast iron CNC machined impellers

• Satin-cast or polished finish housings

• Aircraft industry tolerances

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Billet Electric Water Pump
The Performance Quotient High Flow Billet Aluminum Electric Water Pumps are designed to equalize the flow into both sides of the engine with smooth radii and transitions.
High Performance Aluminum Water Pumps
PRW's PQx Series High Performance Water Pumps are the finest quality water pumps in the industry by far. Designed to equalize water flow to minimize engine hot-spots at any RPM. Available for Ford, Chevy, Mopar, GM LS Series, Pontiac, and Mopar
Competition Series Aluminum Water Pumps
Competition Series Water Pumps feature an extra outlet (1 for ea. cylinder head) & AN-8 straight pipe threads. They also have a 3/4" impeller & pilot shaft, with pressure balanced water passages to equalize & deliver a faster increase in water flow.
Competition + Series Water Pumps
Competition + Water Pumps are black ceramic coated to help block excessive heat radiation, extending the pump's service life. Features an extra outlet & AN-8 straight pipe threads. They have a 3/4" impeller and pilot shaft.
Electric Water Pump
This lightweight aluminum assembly is open flow-rated at 35+ gallons per minute and weighs less than 7 lbs. Has a race-specific design and is the ultimate electric water pumps because of it's high performance it gives. This is a high quality pump.
Water Pump Accessories
Manufactured with state-of-the-art casting equipment these housing & accessories are lighter in many cases & superior to OEM designs. Inline coiling systems accessories allow racers to fill or drain a radiator regardless of its height or relative position
GM LS Water Pump Pulley
Our water pump pulleys are available for GM LS Series Trucks, SUV, Corvette, Camaro and more. Made out of 6061 T-6 Aluminum and come in a black or polished clear anodized finish.
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High Performance Aluminum Water Pump - 1445403
Racer Net: $154.50
High Performance Aluminum Water Pump - 1445403
Chevrolet 454, Cars & Hot Rods with Serpentine Belts, Reverse Rotation - Block To Hub 5.750", - As-Cast
free shipping
High Performance Aluminum Water Pump - 1446000
Racer Net: $189.50
High Performance Aluminum Water Pump - 1446000
Ford 429/460 1970-92, Block to Hub 5.500" - As-Cast
free shipping
High Performance Aluminum Water Pump - 1446010
Racer Net: $239.50
High Performance Aluminum Water Pump - 1446010
Ford 429/460 1970-92, Block to Hub 5.500" - Polished
free shipping
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